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Review from Underground Empire

Underground Empire

Review by Walter Scheurer, February 2011 - Read Review at

I was at first a bit surprised by the style of this album, not because I would have expected more "zeitgeisty" sounds from a band carries the promising name Valpurgis Night. No it's because the Brits are under contract with Rising Records who have not really delivered traditional sounds to us so far. This trio from London offers a wonderful, seemingly antiquated sound that with every second lays testament to the origins of these guys. Equally notable is the devotion with which the guys are playing, as a listener you are positively drawn in and you're essentially damned to participate in this heavymetally Valpurgis Night.

Along with elements of Angel Witch who go in an occult direction this "brew" contains a lot of traditional Doom, mainly the essence of NWOBHM. In addition Valpurgis Night have occasionally incorporated elements of dotty US Metal and understood it very well to incorporate this into their own sound characteristics. "Preacher", as the frontman of the band calls himself, honours his name and celebrates his lyrical outpourings in the style of a cleric master of ceremonies. There's reason to be excited about how they translate their tracks into live performance, on the CD the singer is definitely capable of hypnotising his listeners. But then that's exactly what Valpurgis Night as a whole manage to do and as a result all friends of the above-mentioned referenced will be able to regale it.

In how far Rising Records can succeed with this "exot" is something we'll have to see, it wouldn't be a surprise if they did as we haven't seen any better times for this type of sound in the last 25 years.