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Written by Martin Loga, 13th November 2010 - Read Review at

Score: 7.5/10

Interesting and successful debut disc in the mix of old-school Doom and Power Metal

The fact that I hadn't come across the name VALPURGIS NIGHT in the metal scene is truly not a surprise. The band from Greater London has only been founded in 2008 and was able to sort out a record contract with Rising Records in 2009.

The trio are not absolute beginners which is evident with even the first song 'Sword Of Damocles'. Singer and bass player Preacher Edwards immediately draws the attention towards him with his high-pitched, charismatic and clear voice. The singer does not utilise screams - and not on any of the other songs either. I can't really think of anyone to compare him to. He certainly sounds unique. The guitar work comes down heavy on you and sounds voluminous. In short: The opener grows on you thoroughly with repeated play.

The riffs are vaguely reminiscent of the old MERCYFUL FATE and though somewhat less so of BLACK SABBATH, although the galloping sound of King Diamond's and his men's early work is rarely to be found. The songs are despite the often hammering double bass normally in the medium fast range, but are powerful throughout.

Further into the album VN are showing off excellent songs with the powerful 'Wraith' and the compositionally very well arranged 'Council of Dark Shadows' which I very much recommend as songs to try. The Englishmen's compositions come across as authentic and enjoyably non-conformist with the riffs occasionally having a thrashy quality to them.

The band hymn 'Valpurgis Night' which thanks to the built-in calm guitar passages attains a slightly mystic note, deserves a positive mention as well.

This interesting debut is rounded out by a nice production which accentuates all instruments and sounds comfortably old-school. And the remaining songs on this album are mostly of good quality as well, although for example 'Death Collector 'doesn't really spark.

In summary it needs to be said that Valpurgis Night will mostly be enjoyed by fans of rougher metal beyond the mainstream. The band has done a lot of things right with their debut and the music in my view radiates charm and authenticity. I am positively surprised and would like to encourage you to listen to the band's audio samples.

Songs to try: Council Of Dark Shadows, Sword Of Damocles, Wraith, Valpurgis Night

Score: 7.5/10